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February 27th, 2004

February is the Month of Love, Murder - and Rock and Roll
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February seems to be the month of love and music, as the world of entertainment was overwhelmingly swamped with elation when, despite all attempts at subtlety, Nymphadora Tonks, lead singer of her British band Children of Morpheus, arrived in London an hour after midnight. She was immediately set upon by hundreds of fans who recognized her.

"I'm flattered, really," she told the Prophet last night, "Good to know people remember me. Though it was probably just the hair and clothes that gave me away."

While the arrival of Nymphadora is greatly recieved, the Prophet was shocked to discover from an insider that the Silver Dragon also arrived in England nearly two weeks ago, barely escaping his fans in America, and quickly retiring to his parents' home in Wiltshire. Reporters were unable to interview him after this discovery, as his esteemed father came out and warned the crowd that he would press charges if they didn't clear out soon. Reporters left, but the fans stayed, despite several more warnings. When that had no affect, he quickly threatened letting out his wife, and fans dispersed immediately - for the moment.

As those informed in the entertainment world know, Silver Dragon, the stage name for Draco Malfoy, is closely related to Nymphadora. Not only that, but Silver used to be a back-up singer in Nymphadora's ever changing band before going his seperate way with his cousin's blessing.

"Oh, he's great," states Nymphadora, "Draco, that is. His voice was too good just reinforcing mine."

When pressed by reporters if she would be doing a duet with her cousin anytime in the future, she said she hadn't spoken with him yet, but "the thought certainly is appealing. Draco's fun, and I've missed him loads - doing a show with him would be like the old times."

Nymphadora has retired to an unknown flat in London, and has disguised herself for her own privacy. She has, however, promised an interview, after she had settled back in and connected with old friends.

--Eriya Andora, Entertainment Reporter
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