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I indeed had a lack of common sense speaking of such things in a public manner. I will not lapse again. Now, To answer your question; He had a problem with breaking rules. And again I find your assertiveness complimentary...I in fact only follow my own rules and I usually make them up as I go along. It's the only way to get them right.

I don't know Snape, it seems you might look good in red. You're wearing it's badge of courage more boldly than I gave you credit for.

Now, I'll be about Hogsmeade- near the Hogshead tomorrow around 9:00pm (est)--- let me know via owl --- or show up and we'll get a move on with this. You should prove to be a valuable asset to this mission. And I may not hate being in your company as well.

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I will meet you at 9 O'clock and we'll at least attempt to work and talk this out. Between the two of us we can accomplish something.

Make no mistake, Alastor. The true ... lapse there was mine. It isn't as if your motivations and loyalties aren't well known. Mine, on the other hand are far more cloudy and I like them that way for the most part.

I won't hate your company I'm sure but I would also like to avoid painting myself red. Red tends to make a nice target of you and I don't want to be in anyone's sites mroe than I can help it.

Tends to get in the way of things getting done.

That said-- thank you.

You've said Thank you to me twice now and I find it amuses me. I think I may start keeping count. I'm sure they'll be more.

I'm awaiting your arrival.


Hm. It seems we've missed one another. Paranoia has it's problems. I'm going to be remaining in Hogsmeade tonight and the remainder of the weekend. Find me when you've the time.

Yes, by all means, keep score. No point playing if there's to be no winner.
Ahhh, Thank you a competetive spirit at last. Well, I guess that's one for you then. Too bad for you I'm still in the lead... 2 to 1.